Complete Set of Agricultures Cables

Complete Set of Kess V2 Agriculture Cables full set of all Agriculture cables combined in one case

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All the Alientech Kess v2 Agriculture cables together, when the complete range of Alientech Agriculture cables are purchased together, there is a considerable saving over the cost of the sum total cables when purchased on their own.


Alientech Kess V2 Agriculture Cables in a suitcase containing the following Kess V2 Agriculture tuning cables:

144300K209 – 144300K226 -144300K227 – 144300K228 – 144300K229.

144300K230 – 144300K231 -144300K232 – 144300K233 – 144300K234.

144300K245 – 144300K246 -144300K248 – 144300K249 – 144300K255



The set of Kess V2 Agriculture Cables are compatible with both the KessV2 salve and the master tuning tool. Please contact us if you need any further help or support in deciding which option is best fit for your business.

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Weight 10 kg



Cable Kit