New vehicles supported by Powergate3+: Land Rover Defender and Ford Ranger T6, Tourneo and Transit!

Powergate3+ is the only tool you’ll need to increase performance and reduce fuel consumption of your vehicle. Thanks to the latest Powergate3+ update, you’ll be able to safely and easily reprogram your car, using the files that your dealer preloaded on your device.

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Supported vehicles:
ECU Brand ECU Version Make Model
Continental SID208 Ford Ranger T6
Continental SID208 Ford Tourneo Custom
Continental SID208 Ford Transit
Continental SID208 Ford Transit Custom
Continental SID208 Land Rover Defender

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Before this update, in order to reprogram your car, you had to go to the workshop of an official and authorized Alientech dealer that, only after removing and unlocking the ECU of the vehicle, could give you a tool ready to be used.

Now this is not necessary anymore! Our R&D team developed a new software update that enables you receive directly at home a tool with preloaded maps tailored for your car. You just have to connect Powergate3+ to your OBDII port and follow the guided procedure to increase performance and reduce fuel consumption of your vehicle. Moreover, in any moment you’ll be able to restore your car to factory settings at no added cost, simply connecting Powergate3+ to the diagnostic port and selecting “original file”.

Powergate3+ is only available from authorized Alientech dealers:

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